The Storming Peeh'za: the laboratory of New App #LegaNerd

Vi trovate in veneto o similia ed avete voglia di vincere un iPad? bene leggete qui

On May the 12th in H-Farm will begin a new cycle of appointments: “The Storming Peeh’za: the new laboratory App.”

What is it ? “The Storming Peeh’za: the laboratory of New App ” is nothing more than a meeting-contest where will be exposed and awarded the best concepts for iPhone App or iPad. It will take place every 15 days held in H-Farm since Wednesday, May the 12th.

We are waiting for a lot of ideas! During the meeting we will explain our ideas and we will start to hear some new proposal at once.

Quindi aprite la mente ed andate a vincereeee :D link originale alla notizia qui.

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