Worst places to be in a zombie apocalypse #LegaNerd

Salve a tutti e benvenuti alla top ten (six…) della settimana.
Oggi parleremo dei peggiori posti in cui essere in una “zombie apocalypse”.

6. Stadio – Cinema
5. Aeroplano
4. Centro commerciale
3. Grattacielo (…)
2. Traffico cittadino
1. Ospedale

Okay, so the recently deceased are coming back to life and chewing on the living? Most people when they feel sick go to the hospital. So, with these two tidbits of information, what do you think will have the highest concentration of newly-recruited zombies? The hospital! This is the place you do not want to be when the zombie apocalypse begins because this is typically where it all starts. More and more people come into the hospital, and more and more zombies come out. If you are in a hospital, you might as well consider your number up because this is it; you aren’t getting out of there as a living human.

Brought to you by: http://roadtickle.com/the-worst-places-to-be-in-a-zombie-apocalypse/ and George A. Romero inc.


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